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Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Fashion Emergency Kit Compact

$ 16.50

Lifts from above for a more natural look! 4 Pairs

You’ve seen the photos and stories of actresses suffering from a fashion wardrobe malfunction. A broken zipper or makeup marks on clothing probably come to mind. Don’t let emergencies like these send you home early. The Hollywood Style Emergency Kit has all the products needed to prevent or repair any wardrobe malfunction.

Hollywood Style Emergency Kits are purse-sized, and contain Hollywood Fashion Tape, Deodorant-Removing Sponge, Lint-Removing Sheets, Sewing Kit, Stain Wipe, Earring Back, Instant Button, Hair Band, Nail File, Blister Pad and Shoe-Shine Sponge.


• Perfect for plunging necklines, backless dresses or any time you want to go braless
• Works best for cup sizes A-D. Each package contains four pairs of adhesive strips.
• Made of super-thin, nearly invisible, hypoallergenic adhesive

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