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Puma x Shantell Martin


$ 175.00

SHANTELL MARTIN style kind of defies definition. And we wouldn’t want it any other way. If the idea of conforming to trends makes you itch, this track top (and check out the accompanying bottoms) will be your anti-fashion-itch solution. Please note, though, that lots of fashion isn’t conforming this year. So, forgive us if your rebellious taste inadvertently makes you look en vogue.


  • Soft, twill fabric
  • Straight, cuffed hemline
  • Slight boxy fit
  • Elasticated wrist cuffs
  • T7 panel
  • Full zip, street style, collared profile
  • Featuring world class graphics and uniquely depicted brandings by SHANTELL MARTIN
  • Polyester and cotton
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